About Me

Hi, my name (if you didn’t already know :)) is Dan Plainview and I have over five years of property management experience.  I am currently going to school to obtain my Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science.  I use my knowledge of computers to allow me to effectively and efficiently manage multiple properties in multiple locations.  For instance I employ an advanced ticketing system to handle all tenant requests to make sure that everyone gets serviced on time, all the time.

I am currently attending UMSL.  I grew up in Morgantown, WV and recently left to pursue my degree.  I learned a lot about managing and repairing properties from my Dad, H.W. Plainwood.  Don’t ask me what the H in H.W. stands for, I asked once and all I got was a “when you’re older.”  From a young age I learned how to perform household repairs.  My father was managing several properties at the time and often took me along to help out.  When I turned 18 he gave me a property of my own and told me that it was my turn to make something of myself.  I don’t think I have fully succeeded on this never-ending quest, but I do have a long list of clients that would happily vouch for me, so that has to mean something.

I had a brief stint in Realty, but I realized that I was happy where I was.  I was getting ready to get my license and I even started an internship at *max and I had an epiphany.  I had a choice, I could either spend my life buying and selling other people’s dreams, or I could put in an honest days work and work towards a goal beyond that.  So I decided then and there to commit to working towards finishing my degree in Computer Science.  I hope one day to become a programmer, and maybe I could even write a program or two to help with property management.  But for now I dedicate my time between my two great passions.

I don’t claim to be great, and some would say I’m too young to handle responsibility, but I always put my clients and my tenants first.  As my father would say, “…if it don’t make dollars then it don’t make cents…”  All joking aside, you can count on me to ensure that your property and tenants are taken care of.  I try my best to be frugal in spending, without cutting corners.  I offer services that range from full service property management, to training on the latest tools and software available.  No job is too big or too small so come one come all.

In any event, feel free to contact me by phone or via email and let me show you how I can work for you.

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